Breakfast at The Ale Restaurant with award winnng author Charlotte Gray


Historian Charlotte Gray is the author of twelve award-winning bestsellers, including "Sisters in the Wilderness" and "The Massey Murder." She lives in Ottawa, and is a member of the Order of Canada and an adjunct research professor at Carleton University.
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Breakfast with Charlotte Gray
Thursday, April 25th

Charlotte Gray presents her latest book along with a slideshow.

“Passionate Mothers, Powerful Sons: How two women helped shape two of the greatest leaders of the twentieth century.”

Acclaimed Ottawa historian
Charlotte Gray breathes new life into the stories of Jennie Jerome, the future mother of Winston Churchill, and Sara Delano, future mother of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Charlotte Gray argues that Jennie and Sara were crucial in shaping the habits and careers of their sons. Gray’s book 
Passionate Mothers, Powerful Sons: The Lives of Jennie Jerome Churchill and Sara Delano Roosevelt has been described in the Wall Street Journal as ‘a terrific and insightful double biography.’

In 1854, two formidable American women were born in New York. Jennie Jerome (future mother of Winston Churchill) and Sara Delano (future mother of Franklin Delano Roosevelt) grew up with incredible privilege,  but refused to settle into the predictable, sheltered lives as the little-known wives of prominent men. Instead, they lived life on their own terms. Their personalities and choices could not have been more different, but both enabled their sons to reach the epicentre of political power on two continents.
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